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n. 拉链

名词 zipper:

  1. a fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab
    同义词:slide fastener, zip, zip fastener

动词 zipper:

  1. close with a zipper
    同义词:zip up, zip


A fastening device consisting of parallel rows of metal, plastic, or nylon teeth on adjacent edges of an opening that are interlocked by a sliding tab.

From zip
源自 zip

<注释>The wordzipper is an example of what the owners of trademarks try to prevent. Registered in 925,zipper was originally a B.F. Goodrich trademark for overshoes with fasteners. A Goodrich executive is said to have slid the fastener up and down on the boot and exclaimed, .Zip `er up,.from the zipping sound made by the device.The nounzip and the verb zip, referring to a light sharp sound or to motion accompanied by that kind of sound, were already in existence (zip as a noun was first recorded in 875; as a verb, in 852). The two words owed their origin to the imitation by speakers of the sound made by a rapidly moving object.As the fastener that .zipped. came to be used in other articles,its name became generalized.B.F. Goodrich sued to protect its trademark but was allowed to retain proprietary rights over it only for itsZipper Boots. Zipper had moved out into the world of common nouns.
单词zipper 是商标所有者试图阻止的实例。 925年注册的zipper 原来是一种带有扣袢的便鞋的B.F.古德里奇商标。 据说古德里奇的管理人员把靴子上的扣袢上下拉并叫道.Zip`er up.,来自于这种扣件发出的嘘嘘声。指轻微而尖锐的声音或伴随着那种声音的行动的名词zip 和动词 zip , 其早已存在(zip 作为名词最早记录于875年;作为动词记录于852年)。 这两个词的出现是来自于说话人模仿快速移动物体所发出的声音。象扣袢.zipped.已被用于其它文章中,这个名字变得广为使用。B.F.古德里奇要求保护其商标但仅被允许保留其在对Zipper Boots的使用。 Zipper已经成为一个十分普通的名词

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